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Appointment Only Policy(All hospitals)

We have an appointment only policy to eliminate waiting time and reduce stress to our unwell patients.
Please call the hospital you wish to visit to make an appointment.

10:00~12:30 14:30~19:00
Emergency and critical care patients are acceptable at the Tokyo Medical Center for a 24 hour.
Please call the hospital in advance for immediate intervention.
(an additional charge after and early office hour will be added)

TMC (24/365) 03-5420-0012
Yoyogi (Wednesday and Saturday only) 03-5452-3060
Kugayama (closed on Wed and Thu) 03-3334-3536

Speedy Payment and Drug Preparation(All hospitals)

Our original operation system allows payment and drug preparation to be conducted immediately after treatment, which leads to a considerable decrease of your waiting time.

Electronic Medical Record Keeping(All hospitals)

All of our hospitals are connected with our electronic medical record system, which allows quick access to patient data (test results, radiographs, endoscopy and CT scan images, etc).

New Technology Sanitizer(All hospitals)

To prevent nosocomial infection, sanitizing machines of the newest technology (Eraser Mist) are situated to cover all areas of the hospital.This can also humidify and deodorize the environment.

A 24 hour, 365 day Emergency and Critical Care Facility(Tokyo Medical Center)

We accept and treat emergency and critical care patients around the clock, 365 days. We wish to serve as a true ER facility. There is no need to change hospitals the following morning unlike night-time- only hospitals. We accept all patients in need of care, no matter whether the patient is new or a referral from another hospital.

Equipped with Latest Medical Instruments (Tokyo Medical Center)

Thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery instruments, the newest version of color doppler ultrasonography and 16 slice computed tomography machine are few examples of our equipment. These instruments help us deliver the most advanced medical care in each field.

Private Room Consultation(Tokyo Medical Center)

After checking in, we will escort you to a consultation room (separate areas for dogs and cats), where examinations can be conducted without having to worry about other surrounding patients or people.

Animal Toilets (Tokyo Medical Center)

We have a toilet space for animals, in case of long hospital visits. Our human lavatories also have space so that the animals can come in with you. The ladies room has a separate powdering space.

Drop Off Service (Tokyo Medical Center)

Clinic hours are usually 10:00 to 13:00 in the morning and 14:00 to 19:00 in the afternoon.
However we offer you a new service so you can drop off your pets before work and pick them up after work.
If your patients are stable and you book an appointment in advance during clinic hours, you can drop off your pets as early as 8:30 am.
Our veterinarians will perform a physical examination during clinic hours and consult with you afterwards on care/treatment.
Pick-up time as late as 20:00 pm can also be arranged.

Multilingual (Tokyo Medical Center)

English speaking staff are available as many of Daktari Animal Hospital’s clients are non-Japanese.

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