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“Daktari Animal Hospital Tokyo Medical Center” is an affiliate hospital of the world renowned “Angell Memorial Animal Hospital” in Boston, USA. This brand new hospital was transitioned to Shirokane in August 2012 from Angell Memorial Hiroo Central Hospital in Hiroo by Dr. Gen Kato, director emeritus (affiliate professor of Colorado State University from 1986).
Upon our bond-centered-practice principle, we offer around-the-clock 365 day care equipped with emergency and critical care facilities, to care for the animals and their families. To become a world standard polyclinic hospital, we are equipped with state of the art medical technology instruments, private consultation rooms that allow direct escort to after checking in, and multilingual (English, Korean, etc.) staff.
On 15 Jul, 2022, Tokyo medical center received the certificate of accreditation for its hospital functions by the American Animal Hospital Association(AAHA). This is the first and only in Japan.

News and Notices

TMC Apr. 18. 2023
【Notice of Temporary Clinic Closed】
Due to an in-house seminar(special study session), the clinic will be temporarily closed on the following date and time. ●Thursday, April 27, 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM *Clinic will be opened as usual after 2:30PM
*We are accepting emergency patients at any hours

All 3 hospitals Jul. 25. 2022
Tokyo medical center received the certificate of accreditation for its hospital functions by the American Animal Hospital Association(AAHA).This is the first and only in Japan.
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All 3 hospitals Jan. 21. 2022
Important Notices on COVID-19(Jan-21-2022)

All 3 hospitals Oct. 21. 2021
Important Notices on COVID-19(Oct-21-2021)

All 3 hospitals Jul. 12. 2021
Important Notices on COVID-19(Jul-12-2021)

All 3 hospitals Jun. 22. 2021
Important Notices on COVID-19(Jun-22-2021)

All 3 hospitals Apr. 25. 2021
Important Notices on COVID-19(PDF)

All 3 hospitals Mar. 22. 2021
Important Notices on COVID-19(Mar-22-2021)

All 3 hospitals Nov. 27. 2018
Please visit Dr. Kato's profile on the Ambassador Partnership, Hokkaido University Website.


All 3 hospitals Dec. 23. 2017
Gen Kato, DVM, Director/Hospital Owner of 3 hospitals was appointed as an Ambassador of Hokkaido University and please visit his Facebook page to see the ceremony by President Nawa