A World Standard Animal Hospital That Cares for Animals and their People Has Been Launched in Shirokane.
Tokyo Medical Center
2F Shirokanedai Apt.,
5-14-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Open 365 Days
Morning  10:00~12:30
       (Reception closed 12:00)
       (Last Appointment 11:30)
Afternoon 14:30~19:00
       (Reception closed 18:30)
       (Last Appointment 18:00)
Emergency for a 24 hour
1F Maple Wood 11 Bld.,
1-30-22 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tue,Wed,Thu 9:00~12:30 14:30~18:00
 Saturday  10:00~12:30 14:30~19:00

*Only Grooming
Every other Mon, Fri 9:00~18:00
   Sunday     10:00~19:00

Our clinic will be temporarily closed on Morning of 3rd, 4th, Morning of 5th, 10th, 12th.
Dr. Saito will be away on business trip from October 8th to 14th, and other Dr. will be on duty during this time.

3-7-27 Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
10:00~12:30 14:30~19:00
Closed: Sun, Mon
(Temporary closures may occur)
The Daktari Animal Hospital

 Daktari Animal Hospital stands on the foundation of the human animal nature bond-ship, which cares for both people and animals. We practice the US standard clinical veterinary medicine where it is most advanced, and strive to provide the best veterinary care du jour.
 Our 3 hospitals: Tokyo Medical Center, Yoyogi, and Kugayama, are all JAHA (Japanese Animal Hospital Association) certified, and a total of approximately 50 staff members deliver specialized care to dogs, cats and other animal species.
 Tokyo Medical Center is English friendly, and operates as a referral (second opinion) practice to service as a 24hour 364day open emergency and critical care center, a cancer center, a state-of-the-art CT center and an advanced medical care center.
 On 15 Jul, 2022, Tokyo medical center received the certificate of accreditation for its hospital functions by the American Animal Hospital Association(AAHA). This is the first and only in Japan.

News and Notices

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