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Tokyo Medical Center

2F Shirokanedai Apartment, 5-14-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071

The building is along Platinum Street. The ground floor is Seven-Eleven and we are located above on the second floor.

TEL : 03-5420-0012 FAX : 03-5420-0014

By Car

From Meguro Street: Travel 200 m up the Platinum St. from the crossing with Meguro St (first traffic light). We will be on your left.
From Tengenji: Travel along Gaien Nishi Street, pass the Ebisu Sanchome crossing and turn left at the next traffic light. This will put you on Platinum St., we are located on the right hand side approximately 600 m from the turn (third traffic light)
We have 4 car spaces available(10AM-19PM) inside a multilevel car garage (Width 1.85m, Depth 5.0 m, Height 1.55 m). Please mind the height limit.
If you require parking, please let us know when you arrive in front of the hospital.
Ticketed public parking spaces are available (Mon – Sat 9AM – 7PM) along both sides of Platinum Street. The spaces become free of charge outside the above operating hours and on Sundays and public holidays. There are also many parking lots nearby.

By Bus

2 minutes walk from “Todai Ikakenbyoin Nishimon”bus stop.

Bus routes stopping at this bus stop are;
“Hashi 86 (橋86)” joining terminals Meguro Ekimae and Shinbashi Ekimae / Tokyo Tower
“Kuro 77 (黒77)”joining terminals Meguro Ekimae and Sendagaya Ekimae

By Subway

4 minutes walk from “Shirokanedai” station (station no. I02 or N02)

Subway lines stopping at this station are Toei Mita line (line symbol: I) and Tokyo Metro Nanboku line (line symbol: N)

Tokyo Medical Center Map


1F Maple Wood 11 bld., 1-30-22 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063

TEL:03-5452-3060 FAX:03-5452-3080

By Car

150 m from Tomigaya Crossing towards Gotanda.
2 parking spaces (space no. 5, 6) available.
Make a left turn just before the hospital. The parking lot will be soon on your left.

By Train

6 minutes walk from “Yoyogi Koen” station (station no. C02) exit 1 (exit to Yoyogi Hachiman).

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line (line symbol: C) stops at this station.

6 minutes walk from “Yoyogi Hachiman” station south exit.

Odakyu Odawara line stops at this station.

Yoyogi Map


3-7-27 Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0082

TEL:03-3334-3536 FAX:03-3334-2631

By Car

Drive along Hitomi Kaido towards Mitaka from its crossing with Ring Road No.7 (Kanjo Nana-Gosen). The hospital is approximately 600 m from Kugayama station.
4 parking spaces available.

By Bus

The “Kugayama Sanchome” bus stop (Keio Bus) is right in front of the hospital. The bus line joins JR Mitaka station and Kugayama station.

By Train

10 minutes walk along Hitomi Kaido towards Mitaka from “Kugayama” station south exit. The hospital is in front of “Kugayama Sanchome” bus stop.

Keio Inokashira line stops at this station.

Kugayama Map

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