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 Dogs are said to be seniors when they are 7 years old or older. In human terms, they are in their mid-40s. As they enter their senior years, they begin to experience more physical problems, sleep longer, and undergo various other changes compared to when they were younger.

 It is our hope that everyone who lives with a dog will learn more about senior dogs, whether you are currently struggling with the care, wish to gain the knowledge for the future, or simply wish to do something for your beloved dog.

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Senior Dog Classes PH

Senior Dog Classes

 Lectures and workshops (hands on) will be held in a small-group at-home atmosphere. Our expert staff will also answer any questions or concerns you may have that you may not normally have the opportunity to ask. The workshop is also popular as a place for community among dogs of the same age and owners who have similar problems.
 A series of six sessions will be held in total. The content is designed for senior dogs in various stages of life, from healthy pre-seniors to high-seniors in the midst of nursing care. We encourage you to attend with your dog, although you are welcome to participate alone as well. It is also possible to take only the sessions you are interested in.

Potential Candidates Owners of dogs over 7 years old
Schedule 1-2 per month, Sundays
location At the Terrace of Daktari Tokyo Medical Center
Time 13:00-14:00
Capacity 2-6 groups
Price 3,200yen (per session:total of 6)

★ Total of 6 sessions ★

1st What is a Senior Dog?
Signs of Aging
Creating a Comfortable Environment
Simple Massages You Can Do at Home
2nd Nursing Care ①
~ Food and Bedding ~
Devices and Assistance to Facilitate Eating
The Mechanism of Swallowing
Bedding Selection
3rd Nursing Care ②
〜 Walking and Daily Life 〜
How to Walk and Stability Support Products
About Prowling
Tips for Defecation and Diaper Selection
Let's Practice!: Diaper Fitting
4th Let's do some exercises!①
〜 Knowledge and Preparatory exercises 〜
Dog Anatomy
Stretching & Massage
Daily Exercises
Let’s Practice! : Stretching and Massage
5th Let's do some exercises!②
〜 Exercise with equipment 〜
Exercise on a Walk
Exercise with Equipment
Let’s Practice! : Exercise with Your Dog
6th Dementia and Anti-Aging
What is Dementia?
Signs of Dementia
Prevention of Dementia
Let’s Practice! : Brain Training with Your Dog

Individual Counseling

 We also offer individual senior care consultations for families with a dog that is uncomfortable with other dogs or who prefer to consult in a quiet atmosphere.
 In particular, nursing care issues vary widely, depending on the family's circumstances and living environment, and we will propose solutions for each dog's specific problems.
 Also, please feel free to contact us for advice on daily exercises such as massage and rehabilitation.

*Consultations regarding illnesses may be referred to a veterinarian.
Potential Candidates Owners of Senior Dogs
(Consultation on rehabilitation, etc. is available for non-senior dogs as well.)
Date Upon advance appointments
location Daktari Animal Hospital (Each hospital)


Emi Sawamoto  

Emi Sawamoto

JAHA Senior Care Course Completed

I am fascinated by the charm of senior dogs, which become more loving the older they get.
We will support all families with senior dogs to live happily and enjoyably for a lifetime!

Yoshihiro Hamada  

Yoshihiro Hamada

I love that unique slow movement of senior dogs so much!
We all know what a healthy life expectancy is, don't we?
I believe that it is better for senior dogs to stay healthy and energetic for a long time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have so that we can help your dog achieve such a happy senior life!

Marina Kai  

Marina Kai

I will be pleased to help you enjoy a happy life with your senior dog at home.
Let's learn together!

Mio Kobayashi  

Mio Kobayashi

Senior Dog Classes PHSenior Dog Classes PH

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