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1. Definition of Personally-Identifiable Information

Our Policy recognizes that Personally-Identifiable Information includes, for example, client names, addresses, age, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, date of birth, and sex that will allow identification of an individual.

2. Collection

Personally- Identifiable Information will only be collected and used to offer our hospital services to our clients.
We will not use your information for purposes outside the above.
However, exceptions are as follows;

1. When required by the law.
2. In order to protect the client and the public from life-threatening, major health or financial harm.

3. Notice and Disclosure of Personally- Identifiable Information Acquisition.

We will notify and disclose the acquisition of your information and its purpose to you, at the time we obtain them from provision of our service.

4. Request for Disclosure

We will disclose Personally- Identifiable Information without delay on request of the client himself.

5. Maintenance of Information Accuracy.

If the is false in the personal –Identifiable Information we possess, the information will be deleted and corrected.

6. Protection of Information , Supervision of Employees and Subcontractors

We maintain safeguards to protect your information from leakage and effectively supervise our hospital employees and subcontractors.

7. Restriction of Access to Third-Party

We will not forward any Personally– Identifiable Information to a third party without the consent of the client himself. However, exceptions are as follows;

1. When required by the law.
2. Commissions, sales or similar transfer of a business unit, or sharing with specified entity (Limited to cases where sharing and other certain matters have been notified.)

8. Complaint on Personally- Identifiable Information Handling

We will respond appropriately and rapidly to complaints from the client on Personally- Identifiable Information we possess.

9. Duration of Information Use

As a principle, utilization of your information by the hospital will terminate with the completion of our services to you.

10. Duration of Information Retention

Under the registration of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan on the retention period of medical records and autopsy records, we will store Personally– Identifiable Information for over 3 years.

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